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Content Creation and Digital Marketing for the hospitality industry

Content Creation and Digital Marketing
for the hospitality industry

do you have a

hotel, restaurant,
or wine farm?

Great! You’re one step away from trend-setting social media marketing, an eye-catching website, stunning photography and lots of engaging videos.

Our passion is to help you drive growth, increase your visibility online and create unforgettable experiences for guests. 

Are you ready to make a lasting impression and stand out in your industry?

Increase your direct bookings

Don't rely on OTA's alone,
access your guests directly

Grow your
business on
social media

Social media is like that enticing smell wafting through the air outside your restaurant, just begging guests to come in and take a bite.

Showcase your best offerings and they’ll be lining up at the door. Literally.

creating videos that

empower hotels, restaurants and wine farms to inspire unforgettable journeys

It's time to update your


Imagine standing at the foot of Mount Everest with your eyes closed. Impactful imagery opens the eyes of your future guests. Their journey begins well before they arrive, and high-quality photography is their first step. Let’s show your guests exactly why you’re unique.

do you have a

that elevates your brand?

Trust is built. So are websites. Imagine your guests are standing in a valley with shouts echoing from all directions. They’re lost without the map to find you; your website.

Your website not only shows guests where you are, but who you are. With unique design and striking imagery, you’ll build trust and desire – and even drive those all-important direct bookings.



As well as

WINE Farms

Tap into the TikTok beat

Knock Knock. Who’s there? Not you without TikTok.

TikTok is, to say the least, very different. It’s a playground to talk to a younger, tech-savvy audience and showcase your brand in a fun and creative way.

No cap.

Haven and Hadley are a very dynamic, professional and creative team. Their marketing of the Tulbagh Boutique Heritage Hotel has been everything I aspired to and more. They created a new website and have taken our social media postings to a different level. They are in tune with social media trends and therefore ensure that marketing efforts are well focused. The technical knowledge of systems employed has been impressive. The service provided may not be the cheapest but in my opinion it’s definitely value for money.
Alasdair Mcrobbie
Tulbagh Boutique Heritage Hotel
The Team at [Haven & Hadley] are super friendly and honest, genuine people, they do take their work seriously and try to fully live in what they want to express. I am beyond happy with what they did for us, I definitely highly recommend them. They have a good sense of feeling and details. And will definitely contact them again for our next project.
Annick De Smedt
Villa The Cherry
Thank you for so beautifully capturing the essence of Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve. It is wonderful to be able to work with [Haven & Hadley]; your professionalism and quality content in an industry we often struggle to collaborate with has been a breath of fresh air!
Jodie Bedeker
Kagga Kamma
Ready to elevate your hospitality game?
It all begins when you:
Inspiring the unforgettable journey
Keep your head
in the clouds

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